Berthing at The Marina

Berthing Plan

Type Max yacht size Berth Dimensions
Type B 10m (+/- 0.5m) 11m x 3.8m
Type C 12m (+/- 0.5m) 13m x 4.5m
Type C1 13.5m (+/- 0.5m) 14.5m x 4.5m
Type D 15m (+/- 0.5m) 16m x 5.3m
Type E 17m (+/- 0.5m) 18m x 5.7m
Type F 21m (+/- 0.5m) 21m x 6.3m
Type G 24m (+/- 0.5m) 25m x 7.0m
Type H 28m (+/- 0.5m) 30m x 7.5m

Marina Berthing Information

At Marina di Valletta we offer four types of Berthing for yachts from 10 to 50+ metre Superyachts.

Transit Berths are available on a daily or monthly rate. Winter / Summer from 1 Oct > 31 May and 1 Jun > 30 Sept. Annual Contract berthing from 1st June to 31st May. The Marina also offers a limited number of 10/20 year leases at advantageous, long-term conditions.

Transit Berth

Immediate availability from 10 to 50+m yachts, stern-to or alongside berthing for 17 to 50+metre yachts from May to end September on a daily or monthly rate. The Marina also offers dedicated Winter Transit Berths from 10 - 30+ metre yachts from October through May. Click Below for Berthing Enquiry

Berth Enquiry

Summer/Winter Berth

Immediate availability from 10 to 50+m yachts from May to October. Fill out the booking form or call us for quick bookings

Annual Berth

Availability for 10-30+ metre annual berthing contracts. Our luxuriously wide and best in class stern-to berths are available with equally impressive shore side facilities and marina amenities. Our berthing assistants consistently set the bar for Marina service in Malta. Enquire now to avoid disappointment as spaces are increasingly limited.

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